Muzili H180 Review | Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 22000Pa

Muzili H180 Vacuum Cleaner provides good quality, great performance, high suction power and many interesting features at an affordable price. Check out all its features in this full review!

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Muzili H180 Review


  • Model: Muzili H180
  • Type: cordless 4 in 1 stick / handheld vacuum
  • Technology: cyclonic
  • Motor: digital brushless 80000RPM
  • Power: 160W
  • Suction power: adjustable in 2 levels= Eco Mode 16kPa (16000Pa) / Max Mode 22kPa (22000Pa)
  • Dust cup capacity: 0,5L
  • Emptying of dust cup: by release button
  • Working sound-level: 65dB
  • Battery capacity: ion-lithium 2200mAh (rechargeable)
  • Battery life: up to 45 minutes on “Eco” mode (16kPa) / up to 20 minutes on “Max” mode (22kPa)
  • Charging time: 3 – 4 hours.
  • Filtration system: Cyclonic with stainless steel mesh filter and layered HEPA filtre.
  • HEPA filter: 2 units are included (removable and washable).
  • Battery indicator: Yes
  • LED electric floor head: Yes
  • Rotating electric floor head: 90° (left or right) / 100° (forward and backwards)
  • Switch to handheld vacuum cleaner: Yes
  • Suitable for pet hair / human: Yes
  • Storage and charger: wall mount
  • Weight: 1,7 kg (main body) / 2,8kg (including wand and motorized floor head)

What’s in the box?

  • Muzili H180 Cordless vacuum cleaner – Main body + Dust cup.
  • Aluminum tube
  • Motorized LED floor brush.
  • Detachable hard floor brush (for carpets)
  • Detachable soft floor brush
  • 2-in-1 dusting brush.
  • Crevice nozzle.
  • 2 x HEPA filter.
  • 2200mAh battery.
  • Wall mount / charching base.
  • Charger.
  • User manual.

Muzili H180 Review

Muzili H180 vs Tineco A11 Master

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 Muzili H20-180 Cordless Vacuum CleanerTineco A11 Master
ModelMuzili H180Tineco A11 Master
Motor Power160W450W
Suction Power16kPa / 22kPa9kPa / 22kPa
Dust cup Capacity0,5L0,6L
Battery Capacity2200mAh2500mAh
Battery Life20 - 45 min60 min
Charging Time3 - 4 hrs3,5 - 4 hrs
LED Headlights✔️✔️
Working sound-level65dB75dB
Weight2,8kg2,49 kg
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Muzili H180: Main Features and Benefits

Muzili H180 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

  • It features cyclonic technology and a really big suction power that can be adjusted in two different modes or levels: The “Eco” mode, which offers 16kPa (16000Pa) of power and the “Max” mode of 22kPa (22000Pa). This wide power range is sufficient and perfect for removing dust and dirt from any kind of surface. No matter if you want to clean floors, carpets, sofas, mattresses, bedding, car interiors, windows, narrow corners, curtains and upholstery, the Muzili H180 guarantees a successful job.
  • It’s completely cordless and provides a long battery life, getting up to 45 minutes of continuous work in “Min” mode and up to 20 minutes in “Max” mode, a really good battery life for everyday cleaning, whenever and wherever you want!
  • In addition, this hoover ensures access to hard-to-reach areas of the house thanks to its rotating floor head. In addition, the electric floor head has LED lights, so precise cleaning is also guaranteed in darker areas, such as under the bed or under the sofa.
  • Thanks to its powerful filtration system that includes a HEPA filter and a stainless steel mesh filter, pet dander, dust mites and pollen are trapped in it while improving air quality.
  • The HEPA filter as well as the steel mesh filter and the dust bin are removable and easily washable with water.
  • Thanks to its high suction power, this hoover is excellent at removing pet and human hair from carpets, sofas, floors, corners and any surface.
  • The dust cup offers 0,5L of capacity and can be easily emptied by a release button, so it will not come into contact with dirt.
  • Can be used as a handheld vacuum cleaner by removing the tube from the main body. You can use the included nozzles (the long, flat nozzle and the 2-in-1 dusting brush) to get a perfect clean on window tracks, car seats, keyboards and any narrow, uneven surface.
  • Getting a fully charged battery takes about 3 to 4 hours and the hoover comes with a wall bracket to store and charge the machine. The hoover has to be charged on that charging base, but how you do it, on the wall or on the floor, is up to you and the space available in your home.
  • It works very well! It’s a lightweight and ultra silent (65dB) vacuum cleaner with a great value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the battery be charged on its own?
    No, it can. The battery has to be charged into the vacuum cleaner via the adapter included in the package.
  • Does it have to be wall mounted to be charged?
    No, it can be charged on a flat surface as well as on the wall.
  • How often should the filter be cleaned?
    It depends on how often you use the vacuum cleaner to clean your house but, in general, the HEPA filter should be cleaned every month.
  • How should I clean the filters and dust cup?
    You have to remove them and rinse with water. Let dry completely and reinsert them.
  • How often should I replace HEPA filter?
    It is recommended to replace the HEPA filter every 6 months.
  • Does this include extra HEPA filter?
    Yes, it comes with an extra HEPA filter.

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Muzili H180 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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